Installation, Documentation, Support area, Online services etc.
I. Support and software updates policy

Please READ CAREFULLY and accept the policy (updated 18-Dec-2019) before buy and use.

II. System requirements and Installation procedure

1. Install drivers according to this Instruction
2. Download and install Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 (or higher)
3. Install software according to this Instruction

Dongle color can be green, blue, yellow, red, brown, violet or any other color, all Dongles has the same functionality.

Smart-Card Dongle Smart-Card Dongle

III. Download Software, Flash files, Manuals, Video

Download Software and Updates - Download Manuals and Documentation - Download Flash files and additional tools

IV. Registration and Dongle update

- Connect Dongle to PC
- Update Dongle firmware as per Instruction
- Run software
- Enter Registration data
- You will get license file to your e-mail

If you did not received licence file during 10 minutes - check your mailbox SPAM/JUNK folder
Your registration email will be used to send you update information for the product you have purchased

V. Documentation

User manual (English) - User manual (Russian) - Video manuals

VI. Infinity Online Service (IOS)

You already have a free Account at Infinity Online Service (IOS)
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