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2019-04-09 Infinity-Box [BEST] NK2 v1.13 - Universal Flasher/Unbricker, more Forensic and other stuff !

MTK SP tab
- Flasher engine updated
Allow unbrick/repair almost all SW-related issues during flashing from now ( specially A/B devices )
Fixed memory partitioning issues on fresh devices
- Reset Settings/Format FS updated
- Safe UserData flashing feature updated
- Pre-Erase option can be activated/de-activated depend on user need

MTK FP tab
- Dead mode flashing revised ( incorrect identification during flashing semi-dead device )
- Firmware reader engine updated
- LangPack info extractor updated
- Forensic engine updated
Nokia 106 PhoneBook extraction activated/de-activated
Universal Gallery extractor activated
*Allow extract : Photos ( if device have camera ) , Audio records , Browser BookMarks and History ( Built-in MTK and Opera Mini supported )
*Support all existing MTK Feature devices, made by Microsoft and HMD Nokia
*Support Direct (from phone) and Dump (from file) mode
Phonebook extraction updated

- FullFlash reading optimized
Unfortunately, all dumps, made by v112 are not usable. Please, repeat reading with new version, if you need get LangPacks.
- Flash Engine updated
- NVRAM verify and check revised

- Some bugfixes and changes

- All latest firmwares can be found on support!

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