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2019-07-25 Infinity-Box [BEST] NK2 v1.17 - All New and Old HMD support activated

HMD N 1 **
TA-1060, TA-1056, TA-1047, TA-1079, TA-1066

HMD N 1 Plus **
TA-1130, TA-1123, TA-1111, TA-1127

HMD N 2 *
TA-1035, A-1029, TA-1023, TA-1011, TA-1007

HMD N 2.1 *
TA-1086, TA-1084, TA-1092, TA-1093, TA-1080

HMD N 2.2 **
TA-1183, TA-1184, TA-1188

HMD N 3 **
TA-1028, TA-1038, TA-1032, TA-1020

HMD N 3.1 **
TA-1074, A-1070, TA-1063, TA-1057, TA-1049

HMD N 3.1 Plus **
TA-1125, TA-1124, TA-1118, TA-1117, TA-1115, TA-1113, TA-1104

HMD N 3.2 *
TA-1154, TA-1156, TA-1159, TA-1161, TA-1164

HMD N 4.2 *
TA-1133, TA-1149, TA-1150, TA-1152, TA-1157

HMD N 5 *
TA-1044, TA-1027, TA-1024, TA-1053

HMD N 5.1 **
TA-1088, TA-1081, TA-1075, TA-1061

HMD N 5.1 Plus **
TA-1120, TA-1112, TA-1108, TA-1105, TA-1102

HMD N 6 *
TA-1033, TA-1039, TA-1025, TA-1021, TA-1000, TA-1003

HMD N 6.1 *
TA-1043, TA-1016, TA-1045, TA-1050, TA-1054, TA-1068, TA-1089

HMD N 6.1 Plus *
TA-1116, TA-1103, TA-1083

HMD N 7 *

HMD N 7.1 *
TA-1100, TA-1096, TA-1095, TA-1085

HMD N 7 Plus *
TA-1062, TA-1062, TA-1055, TA-1046

HMD N 8 *
TA-1012, TA-1004, TA-1052

HMD N 8.1 *
TA-1128, TA-1121, TA-1119

HMD N 8 Sirocco *
TA-1042, TA-1005

HMD N 9 PureView *
TA-1094, TA-1087, TA-1082

HMD N X71 *

For now the next features are supported:
> Firmware flashing ( Factory / BEST firmware packages )
> Format FS / Reset Settings
> Reset FRP
> Identify

Info marks:
* - Device require Remote Authentification Server ( credit cost - 0 for now )
** - Device supported / supported already STANDALONE

- Base
Support for old HMD line over RAS for QCOM models
Support for new HMD line - WT/HQ activated - 2.2, 3.2, 4.2 ( over RAS for QCOM models )
Loader database updated
ModelFinder updated
FileSystem toolkit updated, changed FormatFS for all SP lines
SW/HW/Cross-avoid check activated for BL update mode
Bugfixes and minor changes

Updated loader database
Boot log now show also ARB state and other service info
Automatic backup for critical partitions activated

SWVersion check revised
FlashEngine updated
FileSystem (Forensic) engine updated

Backup / Restore security activated
FlashEngine revised

- Support
Some firmwares for wide range of QCOM/MTK HMD Smartphones can be found on support area

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