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2019-11-27 Infinity Chinese Miracle-2 SPD/UniSoc v2.03 - Easy Identify, New models & features

- Core
Protocol updated
Error handling, error explanation and hint module updated

- Service
NVM operations revized
DiagMode option activated ( Platform -> Control -> DiagMode )
> Change SW mode to diag, instead of flash. Do not require BootSelection.
Allow for now:
1. Identify Device - ModemInfo, Build Info, SecurityInfo, SOC Info, DeviceHW Info
2. Format FS / Reset settings ( NOT touch FRP! ) - WIPE mode
3. Read NV data, verify NV
> Don't forget change SW mode between Service/Flash for those operations !

New Identify option - device Platform, Device HW details identification
> Allow detect device SOC family, RAM amount for faster loader selection
> Work in DiagMode, Work ON MODERN and UNISOC chipset only !

- Flasher
Optimized flashing protocol
Optimized older device line support
NVManager updated - Identify, Backup, Security swap
NVManager Recovery tool updated

- Firmware Reader
Optimized structure identification
Activated "forced" reading. Option skip data verification.
> In case of semi-damaged devices, if backup atleast of something required
> In case of "Critical data damaged" errors
Optimized data verification during create FW

- Database:
SC983xx generic loader DB updated
SC9853i generic loader DB updated
SC7731E generic loader DB updated
SC7731x generic loader DB updated
SC9863 loaders DB updated - BQ, Wiko, ZTE, Symphony
SC7731c/g loaders DB updated - various models and RAM size
SC9832E loaders DB updated - Meizu, Wiko
Some other various models with specific hw settings included in loader DB

- Other
Boot Selection mode are indepedent ( loader base can be changed after FW selection, in Platform tab )
Bug fixes and changes according users requests

- Special thanks to respected Mr. gracy_elec

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