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2020-12-15 Infinity Chinese Miracle II SCR/SPD-RDA v1.07 - RDA8955x CPU line supported

As ordinary, unique functions and methods released

RDA8955x is an extra cheap SoC with 2G/GPS support.
It is used in cheap wearable, IoT and feature phones.

Supported CPU list:
Spreadtrum: SC6530, SC6531, SC6531(A/C/D)
SpreadTrum: SC68xx ( with external PAC )
SpreadTrum: SC770x ( with external PAC )
UniSoc: SC6531E, SC6533, SC6533G, SC770x
RDA Mirco: RDA8955G, RDA8955GE, RDA8955L
RDA Mirco: RDA8851 rev A,B,C,L,CL
RDA Micro: RDA8826

NewChip: Support RDA 8955 Line (8955G, 8955GE, 8955L)
BugFix: Support for some SC6533 revisions fixed ( Wrong PMT issue )

Support RDA 8955 Line (8955G, 8955GE, 8955L)
- Identify ( Security info, compilation info, Hwinfo )
- Format FS / Reset Settings
- Read UserCode / PrivacyCode
- Repair Security
- Read Flash / FW
- Write Flash / FW / LOD

Changed: CompileInfo extraction improved ( RDA / SPRD / UniSoc )
Changed: BOOTROM support improved ( RDA )
Changed: SVC ( Diag ) mode support optimized for modern UniSoc 89xx platforms

Changed: Security code read in FlashMode revised ( RDA )

BugFix: Lot of small different changes and fixes
Option: GUI ( File -> GUI ) : allow select other interface mode
!* Default - standard V2 line GUI
!* Wide - best for big screen / big distance to monitor
!* Wide Log - extend log window to screen size. Optimal for most cases

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