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2021-01-02 Infinity Chinese Miracle-2 SP2/SPD-UniSoc v2.10 - New year means new features !

As ordinary, unique functions and methods released

Changed : FlashCore protocol updated
NewSOC: UniSOC Tiger T61x series support
NewSOC: UniSOC UIS7862 (Car HeadUnits SoC) series support
NewSOC: SC7731E Android 10 / FastProto supported
NewSOC: SC9832E Android 10 / FastProto supported

Changed : Protocol updated
Changed : NVM manager updated
Changed : FastFlash protocol updated ( SC7731E, SC9832E supported )

Firmware reader
Changed : Android 10 specific changes
Changed : Initial Tiger and NaT devices support
Changed : UltraRead protocol updated ( SC7731E, SC9832E supported under 0S loaders now )

NewFeature: Security Repair allow change PSN1/PSN2
- In newer devices PSN1/2 damage may lead to bootlop, ota and other issues
- In newer devices PSN1/2 used as bootloader token
Changed : Identify : Correct MEMORY and RAM size reading for Android 10 devices
Changed : Identify : Read PSN1 and PSN1
Changed : Identify : SC9832E and SC7731E can be used to verify eMMC ReadOnly state (0S loader mode)
Changed : Repair : Identify signed devices during repair
Changed : NVM : Read and Write operations revised

Changed : UserData dump feature updated ( Legacy line fixes )

Changed : SC9863 support updated
Changed : SC9832 support updated
Changed : PermLock fix ( processed in automatic mode, fix issue with possible PermLock after first unlock try )
NewFeature: Error codes explanation and hints
NewFeature: Damaged devices ( security destroyed ) detection
NewFeature: Damaged devices ( permLock ) detection

Model DB
Changed : New generic loaders included for SC7731E with Android 10 ( 0S type )
Changed : New generic loaders included for SC7792E with Android 10 ( 0S type )
Changed : New generic loaders included for Tiger T61x
Changed : New generic loaders included for UIS7862
Changed : ZTE, Itel and others line loaders updated to support faster operatons amd more HW variants

Changed : GUI settings now stored and load select style, settings and other at next run
Changed : Lot of different changes and fixes

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