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2021-02-15 Smart-Card managemen engine become revised

Smart-Card management engine has been adjusted, OS firmware code optimization was finished and finally whole system become ready for new features.
To improve whole system stability and to free Smart-Card memory for new features some kind of legacy code will be removed from Smart-Card OS and previously released free test versions (several year old) will be removed step-by-step.

For end users it will be no any visible changes, the only exceptions are:
- Smart-Card update process will be little bit faster due to firmware code optimization
- Legacy free test software versions will be unavailable. As a replacement for legacy free test versions you can consider to order paid one anytime

Currently NO ACTION by users are required !
New features will be applied automatically as a part of regular Smart-Card update
Please DO NOT update Smart-Card until you will see explicit message that firmware should be updated
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