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2021-05-05 Infinity Chinese Miracle-2 CM2MT2 v2.23 - New models and features

Changed: Protocol updated ( Raphael/Legacy )
NewSOC: ChipConfig for MT6833 activated ( under test )
Changed: BootHelper updated
Changed: Fixed SW reaction to conenction/power issues ( lags/stuck removed )
Changed: META core updated
! Allow connect from now to device, which already in META mode
! Identify by default not reboot device, other operations - reboot
Changed: Fixed Preloader mode handling on some driver versions
Changed: Fixed META init on some devices
Changed: SLA: Development feature to generate and send error reports automatically for unsupported devices
! No any data will be sent without user request

Changed: UltraFlash engine updated

Feature: Activated "Init GPT/PMT with resize" option
! Allow in some cases fix: Stuck/freeze/Rebooting issues on cheap encryption-enabled devices with cheap memory installed
! Issue found on MiPlay, some Infinix and other devices ( should work on more models range )
! Feature work by decrease UserData space size to avoid "bad blocks"

Changed: SmartReset updated
Changed: SmartReset Extra mode updated
! SmartReset Extra acts like ordinary ones, but make additional, brand-required operations :
- Reset MiAcc for XIAOMI ( non-permanent )
- Reset FlyMe acc for MEIZU
- Reset DEMO mode on VIVO devices ( under test )
! Other, vendor-specific scripts can be included by users requests
Changed: "Restore Backup" option updated
! Clean and prepare files for correct restore in secure devices revised

Firmware Reader
Changed: New types supported
Changed: Internal Database updated

Changed: Some general changes and fixes
Changed: Connection mode fixes

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