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2022-03-15 Infinity Chinese Miracle-2 CM2MT2 v2.34 - OP and RMX extra stuff [part 1/2]

As ordinary unique #CM2 functions and methods released

Changed: Protocol updated RAPHAEL/LEGACY

Changed: Init GPT operations optimized
Changed: RPMB operations optimized

Changed: Protocol updated (RAPHAEL)
Changed: UltraFlash protocol updated
Changed: OFP direct support activated ( oppo and realme )
- Support normal and unmerged firmwares
- Support region selection for unmerged firmwares
- Make normal scatter as result FW

Changed: "Smart Reset" optimized
- Fixed issues with some A/B devices - Nokia, Tecno and similar models may be affected
Changed: "Smart Reset Extra" option optimized
- Fixed issues with some A/B devices - Nokia, Tecno and similar models may be affected
- Smart Reset Extra updated: Improved Samsung support for Reset/Change KG
Changed: Identify operation improved
Changed: FixDL operation now support also fix Oppo and Realme devices "black screen" with DL error
- Fix "download not completed" error
- Fix device production and operation state in case of flash erase or other fails
- Fix device ocdt params in case of erase or after factory cdt download
- Just run FixDL and software will make all automatic
- In some case (f.e. device with multi-config and "new" type) operation may require device reflash with correct files

Firmware Reader
Changed: Core optimized
Changed: Android 12 initial support
Changed: Internal DB update

Changed: "Smart Reset Data Safe" operation optimized
- OPPO : Engine has been rebuild to "safe" mode (no factory reset in case of unsupported version/config)
- OPPO : Confirmed and working with "original" manufactured models - A15, A5s and similar devices
- OPPO : Not work with OEM-made models - A1k and similar devices

Changed: FireFly : Sparse flashing optimized, modern images are supported now
Changed: Samsung KG : Separate change state button activated, kg operations optimized
Changed: Many importnatn internal changes, bugfixes and improvements

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